Wacław Sieroszewski and Polish explorers of Siberia: yesterday and today

The project is part of the Grant Perfect Science – Independence Engraved in DNA. Wacław Sieroszewski – Polish friend at the farthest ends of the world no. DNK / SP / 481115/2020 of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Wacław Sieroszewski was a 19th-century Polish exile, who in Yakutia undertook scientific and exploratory activities, the culmination of which was the creation of one of the most important monographs on the life and customs of the Yakut “12 years in the country of the Yakut”.  Currently, he is recognized by this Siberian Nation as a hero who discovered them for the world and contributed to the preservation of their culture, tradition and history. On April 20, 2021 75 years will have passed since the death of this outstanding researcher and independence activist, who, after returning from exile to Russian Siberia, served as both a PM and senator of the Second Polish Republic. In connection with this anniversary, a series of scientific events will be organized, during which the latest results of research on the figure and achievements of W. Sieroszewski will be presented.
The first part of the project will be the Warsaw-Yakutsk online conference on October 20, 2020. The following conference is scheduled for March 2021 and will have an innovative seminar character resulting from its combination with scientific expeditions, the results of which will be presented at the end of the conference.

2021 – the second part of the project will take place in Yakutia.

a/ Polish scientists and researchers in a conference / seminar in Yakutsk will present and remind the figure of Wacław Sieroszewski, then work out a plan to commemorate this extraordinary discoverer.

b/ a scientific journey will be carried out in the terrains related to  Wacław Sieroszewskis’ scientific activities

c/ the third part will end with a seminar presenting the results of the journey, which will be a step towards further scientific cooperation and will contribute to a better mutual perception of both nations Polish and Russian Federation. At the same time, the conference conducted in this way will be an internationally understandable signal of goodwill that science and passion for exploration the world create a universal language that connects across divisions

The beginning

The course

Exploration of these remote areas, still very rarely visited, is in progress and some Poles are involved in it. Polish Chapter of the Explorers Club congratulates Maciej Besta on his recent achievements in this field. As soon as the epidemic situation allows, we will listen to lectures on his explorations in our Warsaw headquarters. For the moment, with the Author’s consent, we provide a link to his website, where his expeditions and achievements are presented.