Poles on the Silk Road – Asia, Pacific 2016

In order to promote the knowledge about the history of exploration, Polish Chapter of the Explorers Club in cooperation with the Institute of Archaeology, University of Warsaw and the Students Association for the Far East Archaeology organised an exhibition titled “Poles on the Silk Road”. Thanks to the financial support of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (project no.943/DUN/2016) the exhibition was shown to the wider public in the Museum of Asia and Pacific at Warsaw in October 2016.

The aim of this project was to present the portraits of Poles, who had contributed to development of contemporary knowledge of the Asian cultural heritage as well as the phenomenon of the Silk Road.

People, who were often forced to live in the forgotten regions of Eurasia against their will, were also extraordinarily perceptive observers of their surroundings. The reports left by them became the basis for further research in the field of natural science, history, ethnography and language studies in Asia.

Due to their respect for the diversity of cultures and peoples, among whom they had to live, our compatriots gained the acceptance of local communities. Their work made memory of Polish achievements forever alive in the furthest corners of the world.

The exhibition did not deplete the topic of Polish input into the research of Asia; and a lot of Polish pioneers of exploration, who also deserve to be commemorated, have not been mentioned in it yet. We do continue works on this subject and hope, that following openings of the exhibition “Poles on the Silk Road” would allow us to present the fortunes and scientific achievements of the much larger group of Polish explorers.