The 40th anniversary of the “Canoandes” Canoe Expedition 1981-2021

In 1981, members of the Canoandes expedition climbed to the heights of world exploration, conquering the world’s deepest Colca canyon in Peru as the first group ever.

For the next four decades, by initiating and implementing a number of exploratory, scientific and educational activities, they contributed to the development of the Colca Valley region, which has now become the country’s second tourist attraction after Machu Picchu.

The Polish Chapter of The Explorers Club, whose members are the participants of the expedition, and the Academic Kayak Tourism Club “Bystrze” from Krakow, from where the expedition set out to conquer the mountain rivers of the Americas, decided to jointly organize the celebration of this anniversary. (Link>>)

In the fall of 2021, we are planning popular science symposiums, screenings of the documentary Godspeed, Los Polacos !, photo exhibitions in Poland, the United States and Peru, and the publication of a jubilee album.

For the Polish Branch The Explorers Club For the Management Board A.K.T.K. “BYSTRZE” (“Swift current”)
Prof. dr hab. Mariusz Ziółkowski
Izabela Brzeźna
Colca 1981
Photo: Jacek Bogucki
From left to right:
Andrzej Piętowski – leader of a discovery expedition, kayak, raft
Piotr Chmieliński – leading kayaker
Jacek Bogucki – filmmaker, raft crew
Jerzy Majcherczyk – the captain of the raft
Stefan Danielski – the crew of the raft
Krzysztof Kraśniewski – the crew of the raft
(Zbigniew BZDAK is missing – photographer, securing the expedition in Lima)
Extension of the Polish Avenue in Chivay to the hot springs of La Calera.
Photo: Francisco Portugal, 2006