Information On Members

Members of the Polish Chapter of the Explorers Club in chronological order of joining the E.C.,
(as of February 6, 2021):

Marek Kamiński – polar explorer; FI 1996. Link to website >>

Krzysztof Wielicki – mountaineer; FI 1997. Link to the Wikipedia page >>

prof. dr Tomasz Schramm – historian, polar explorer; FI 1998. Link to the Wikipedia page >>

Andrzej Ciszewski, PhD – chemist, speleologist; FI 1999. Link:

prof. dr hab. Maria Agata Olech – biologist, polar explorer, sailor, mountaineer; FI 2001. Link to the Wikipedia page >>

prof. dr hab. Mariusz Ziółkowski – archaeologist; FI 2002. Link to the Wikipedia page >>

Elżbieta Lisowska, PhD – orientalist, religious expert, journalist; FI 2003.

Andrzej Lisowski – journalist, photographer; FI 2003. Link to the Wikipedia page >>

Marcin Jamkowski – journalist and scientific photographer, climber, diver; FI 2005. Link to the biography >>

Zdzisław Preisner, PhD – geographer, traveler, publisher; FI 2006.

Jacek Wacławski, PhD – sailor, cardiologist; FI 2007.

Henryk Paner, PhD – archaeologist; FI 2009.

Ewa Wójcik – speleologist; FI 2010.

Wojciech Cejrowski – traveler, journalist, photographer, writer; FI 2011. Link to the website >>

Małgorzata Dziewięcka, PhD – geographer, traveler, journalist, international volunteer; FI 2011.

Sławomir Makaruk – scuba diver, underwater photographer of caves; MI 2011. Link to the Wikipedia page >>

Piotr Wytykowski – diver, cameraman; MN 2012

Roman Zajder – diver, underwater photographer; MI 2012

Miłosz Giersz – archaeologist; FI 2013

Tomasz Stachura – engineer, diver; FI 2013. Link to website >>

Tomasz Grzywaczewski – lawyer; FI 2014. Link to the website >>

Anna Urbańska, PhD – biologist, photographer; FI 2014

Jakub Urbański, PhD – biologist, journalist; FI 2014

Patrycja Prządka Giersz, PhD – archaeologist; FI 2014. Link to the biography >>

Marta Żuchowska, PhD – archaeologist; scuba diver speleologist FI 2014.

Eng. Benedict Hac, PhD – hydrographer; FI 2015

Tomasz Jakubiec – canoeist, expeditioner; FI 2015

Hubert Kowalski – archaeologist, scuba diver; FI 2017.

Maciej Sobczyk, PhD – archaeologist, researcher of Andean cultures and Oceania, scuba diver, speleologist; FI 2018

Maciej Klósak – African researcher, writer; FI 2019

Mirosław Olszycki – filmmaker, writer, researcher of the Latin American cultures, FI 2020. Link:

Honorary Members of the Polish Chapter of the EC:

Jerzy (Yurek) Majcherczyk, since 1993 – canoeist, traveler, journalist, FR 1992, co-founder of the Polish Chapter of the EC. Link to the biography >>

prof. dr Stanisław Rakusa-Suszczewski – biologist, polar explorer; FI 1996. Link to the Wikipedia page >>

Monika Rogozińska – journalist, culture expert; MED 1993; co-founder of the Polish Department of EC. Link to website >>

prof. dr hab. n. med. Zdzisław Jan Ryn – psychiatrist, mountaineer; FI 1999. Link to the Wikipedia page >>

Former members of the Polish Chapter of the EC:

 Jacoov Adam – sailor, captain of the navy, oceanographer, honorary member of the Polish Chapter since 1993.

Dariusz Bogucki (1938-2002) – dr inż. shipbuilding, polar sailor, captain of the great yachting.

Olgierd Budrewicz (1923-2011) – journalist, writer who visited 160 countries of the world, varsavianist .

Juraj Cenker (member from 2009 to 2018) – veterinary doctor, mountaineer, journalist, mountain rescuer (Slovakia)

Krystyna Chojnowska – Liskiewicz (member from 1993 to 2000) – ship builder, captain of the great yachting; the first woman to sail around the world alone on a yacht

Elżbieta Dzikowska (member from 1993 to 2018) – art historian, journalist, film director, together with Tony Halik found Vilcabamba, the last Inca capital in the jungle of Peru

Antonio Halik (1921-1998) – captain of the great navigation, pilot, journalist, creator of documentary films

Bernard Koisar, PhD (1942 – 2016) – geologist, speleologist, discoverer of the quartzite caves on the Sarisarinama plateau in Venezuela

Jarosław Kret (member from 1999 to 2018) – journalist, orientalist, culture expert, National Geographic Polska photojournalist, explorer of Madagascar

Maciej Kuczyński (1929 – 2019) – writer, speleologist; CO 1982; co-founder of the Polish Chapter of the EC. Link to Wikipedia page >>