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VIII edition of the Benedict Pole Award

On June 25, 2022, at 4:00 pm, the ceremony of awarding the VIII edition of the Benedict Pole Awards took place at the Kazimierzowski Palace in Warsaw, in the Senate Room of the University of Warsaw.

The Main Prize (in the category for a Pole) went to Dr. Joanna Bocheńska, an outstanding researcher and promoter of Kurdish culture, ex aequo with Prof. Dr. Janusz T. Pawęska, a well-known virologist working in the area of South Africa. 

Meanwhile, the Grand Prize (in the category for Foreigner) went to a British astronomer of Polish origin, Prof. Dr. Jan Charles Zarnecki, working with, among others, the Space Research Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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The Award Benedict the Pole

On the initiative of the Polish Chapter, on May 28, 2014 at the Castle in Łęczyca, an Agreement was signed on the creation of the Award. The signatories who created the Award Chapter are representatives of the Polish Chapter of the Explorers Club, the City Hall of Łęczyca, the County of Łęczyca and the Warsaw Scientific Society. The prize is awarded annually for outstanding exploration and research achievements on earth, in the sea and in space in the following categories:

1. Grand Award for a Polish citizen,
2. Award for a foreigner distinguished in cooperation with Polish researchers.
The prize aims to promote Polish exploratory achievements and to remind, through the person of the Patron, the historical significance that our country has played in the field of intercultural contacts.

Special Awards are also granted for outstanding achievements in the field of exploration.
The jury has 12 members; its chairman is currently prof. dr hab. Stanisław Rakusa Suszczewski. All Winners become Honorary Members of the Award Chapter.
The seat of the Award Chapter is the Royal Castle in Łęczyca, where usually in February the names of the winners of subsequent editions are announced.

The ceremonies of the first four editions of the Award (2015 – 2018) were held at the Archdiocese of Tum near Łęczyca (more information about the Prize on the website – link), while the fifth edition took place on May 15, 2019 at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.
The ceremony of the 6th edition is planned for June 3rd, 2020 in the auditorium of the Collegium Maius (15th century) of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (link)