The Return of Mateusz Wrazidło FI'22 to Mount Roraima and Tepui in Venezuela

On May 26th Mateusz Wrazidlo (FI'22) embarked on an expedition to La Gran Sabana and Mount Roraima in Venezuela.

The expedition, focused primarily on botanical exploration and photography, marked a restart of Mateusz activity in the Guiana Highlands and was his first visit to the tepuis since the COVID-19 lockdown.

It was also his second project focused on documenting the biodiversity of Mount Roraima, complementing the observations made during a visit to the northern slopes of this massif i in 2019.

The team (including Julia Wisniowska, Michal Wisniowski, Calio Elliman, Juan Mora, Yonatan Pozas, Jose Tovar Hurtado and local assistants) managed to make some puzzling observations, including possible new findings concerning certain endemic plant species (in review).

Explorers witnessed the occurrence of a wildfire on the summit of Roraima - possibly the first time they recorded such phenomenon, which raises questions over the influence of climate change and human activity on the environment of the tepui summits.


wrazidlo wenezuela 1

Mateusz Wrazidło investigating an unknown endemic plant


wrazidlo wenezuela 2

Picturesque sunrise over the tepui


wrazidlo wenezuela 3

Julia Wiśniowska and Michał Wiśniowski in action


wrazidlo wenezuela 4

Picturesque and sudden weather change over the tepui


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